Total Marketing Kit

Everything you need to market your listing in one convenient place.

What's Included

  • Property Sites
  • Photo Download Links
  • Flyers & Printables
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Slideshow Videos
  • Custom Listing Pages
  • Lead Capture
  • Quick Tools
  • Traffic / Visitor Stats

Property Sites

Branded & Unbranded single property websites for your listing.  Simply click on the clipboard icon after the link address to copy the link.  Then paste it into the MLS, an email, social media or where ever you need to share it.  Unbranded links for the MLS will take visitors to a property site with no agent information.

Music A variety of music files are available for you to select on the Site Design page.  Music can be set to autoplay or be turned off all together.

Custom Domain Names (www.123AnywhereStreet.com) can be added for an additional fee. 

QR Codes are automatically generated. Include the graphic of this code on handouts, flyers, or other physical leave-behinds to create a quick & easy way for someone to link directly to your property site.

Design Templates There are 10 design templates, each of which is available in multiple colors.  Everything is customizable, so feel free to make some tweaks — or reach out to us and we can custom create a design just for you!

Photo Download Links

Download All Photos easily with the download photo link.  You can download individual files to your computer or mobile device OR you can download them all at once into a ZIP file.  Different sizes are available as well.

Homeowner Preview A link to a page with preview images (not downloadable) for sellers/home owners is available for sharing.

Property Links A list of quick links to your marketing materials is available on the Site Activation page. Feel free to share your Marketing Kit link with your admin or marketing team/coordinator. This allows them access to images and tools without needing to provide them login access to your account. Click the clipboard icon to the right of the link to easily copy the link for pasting into emails or sharing on social media.

Flyers & Printable Materials

Create Flyers & Printables Our easy to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor allows you to create beautiful full-color flyers.  Use a template or custom create your own. Update colors and text to match your brand.

Floorplans & Documents Easily track the documents you have for your property by uploading them via the media page.  This may include property floorplans or any special documents you want potential buyers to see. Keep everything in one place so you know what you have.  Turn off visibility to hide sensitive documents from the public property site.

Social Media Graphics & Reels

Vertical Reels Easily make a vertical reel for social media. There are 15 different vertical reel styles that are automatically included and easy to edit and customize for your brand.

Pre-Made Social Media Graphics You no longer have to download photos and reload them to special software to create social media marketing.  The graphics all you to drag & drop the photos and they automatically pull in any relevant information you added to the Site Data page.  Graphics are available in vertical reels, squares or landscape shapes.

  • 17 vertical designs for social media stories
  • 10 square designs for FB or IG
  • 9 horizontal landscape designs for social media posts or cover images

Easy to Customize Once you’ve activated your Total Marketing Kit (after photos are completed and delivered to you) the base graphics will be auto-created.  You can download them as they are, or click on the EDIT button to customize fonts, text, images, colors, etc.  They’re completely customizable.

Multiple Shapes Each base design has three shapes (horizontal, square & vertical) so that you can pick a layout that best works with your preferred social media platform.

Themed Designs There are multiple designs that are themed for ease of use (New Listing, Sold, Open House, etc.).  However, each template is customizable.  Simply click EDIT underneath the tile you want to change and you can update all text — make that SOLD template into a Coming Soon with a click and few keystrokes.

Slideshow Videos

Teaser Videos Two shapes of teaser slideshow videos are pre-made and ready for you to download to your device within a few minutes of marketing kit activation. These teasers are approximately 25 seconds long and have the same music selected for the Property Site. Once you download the MP4 file to your device, you can upload it to your preferred social media site. You can also star/favorite images on the media page and they will show up first on these videos.

Branded & Unbranded Videos Both a horizontal branded and unbranded slideshow videos are created.  The length of these videos varies based on the number of still images on the media page.  They will each include the first 50 images on the site media page. You can also star/favorite images and they will show up first on these videos.

YouTube / Vimeo You have the ability to update your account page with your YouTube or Vimeo channels.  When you do this, DHM will automatically publish your Branded slideshow out to YouTube or Vimeo (or both) when you make your marketing kit live.  Click here to link your YouTube or Vimeo accounts with Dream Home Media.

Custom Listing Pages

Share Your Success with a custom branded listing page. These pages are fully customizable and you can have as many designs as you wish. These are great for teams, or anyone who wants to highlight certain homes (available properties, sold properties, certain pricepoints, etc.).

Update your client listing page here.  If you feel a bit over your head, we’re happy to help out with the customization.

Click this link for a live example of an agent listing page. https://photos.dreamhomemedia.com/DebPolise

Lead Capture

Call or Text Inquiries Our lead capture allows potential buyers easily receive info about your properties via call or text. They will automatically receive a text with a link to the property site and your lead capture page will contain their contact info for easy follow up!  If they opt to call and speak to you, they’ll be forwarded to the primary number in your account page.

Quick Tools

Quick Tools The quick tool menu on the Site Summary page allows you to update the status of your property with the click of a button. You can:

  • change the sale status
  • transfer to another agent
  • add a co-listing agent
  • add open house dates/times
  • get code to embed the property site into an email or another website
  • create custom links for tracking efficiency of your advertising dollars

Traffic / Visitor Stats

Site Traffic What good is a property site if no one visits it? Every listing with a Total Marketing Kit will automatically track site visits.  You can customize the dates, see top media viewed, the top referrers and the top cities where site visitors were located based on IP address.

Weekly Traffic Report The weekly traffic report allows you to subscribe your seller to an automated beautifully design email report of all the visitors to their property site. As the agent, you are automatically subscribed to this report for each property.

Ready to order a Total Marketing Kit?  Simply place your photo order and check the box under Total Marketing Kit on the order form.  We’ll do the rest!