Cinematic Videos

Cinematic video is a fantastic way to show off the true feel and flow of a home.  Set to music, Dream Home Media creates videos shot in high resolution to ensure they look good across all platforms.  DHM offers a variety of solutions to help you meet your needs.  In addition, we are happy to work with you to create a custom solution if you don’t see what you need here.  During the editing process, custom music is selected to specifically fit the feel of the home.  Your name and branding can be included upon request.  From Reels and basic walk-throughs to Aerial Tours to Customer Reviews, let Dream Home Media help create the video solutions to fit your needs.

Commercial Videos – Any video created for non-MLS purposes (long or short-term rentals, AirBnB, VRBO, etc.

FPV Videos – A video created with a First Person Perspective drone.  Using FPV allows us to fly through a home. This is fantastic for showing off luxury properties.

Aerial Flyover Videos – Aerial videos are created using a traditional drone (generally not an FPV drone).  The final video product is approximately 2-min in length, set to music and highlights the exterior features of a property.  Great for homes on water, with acreage, swimming pools or any other special exterior features to highlight.  ** Aerial video can be added to any of the below video products to enhance the quality of the final cinematic video project.

Home Preview Videos – Cinematic home preview videos are short (around 45 seconds) videos that show the highlights of a single property.  This usually includes the exterior, great room, kitchen and primary bedroom suite or might focus more on the lifestyle of the home, depending upon the home’s features.

Home Showcase Videos – Cinematic showcase videos are longer videos (usually between 2-3 minutes) that explore a home and property in more depth.  This may involve showing more of the outdoor amenities, all floors of the home including all major spaces (lower levels, all bedrooms, etc.) as well as focusing on special features.  This is a great option for showing off the specific lifestyle a home offers.

Basic Walk-Through – This is a bare-bones walk through video.  NO MUSIC. NO SOUND.  NO BRANDING. NO FANCY EDITING. Shot in horizontal orientation for a traditional video view.

Reel Footage – Video shot VERTICAL format for use in social media reels. Three to five vertical video clips are provided to the realtor so that the realtor can custom create video reels for Facebook or Instagram.



Videos included on this page were created when the property was listed for sale or rent. 
They are for example purposes only and do not claim to represent that a home is still on the market.