Aerial Photography

Daytime Aerial Photos

Daytime aerial photography is quickly becoming the standard for central Indiana area real estate listings. Adding aerials gives a potential buyer a more complete picture of the property, including neighborhood, and nearby amenities.

Twilight Aerial Photos

Twilight aerial photography is a great way to make your listing or marketing images pop! As the name suggests, twilight photos are taken at sunset with the home lit up. This creates a welcoming, but high end lifestyle image sure to grab a potential buyer's attention.

Aerial Videos

Aerial videos, shot during the day or at twilight, are available as stand alone services or an add-on to any aerial photography service. We offer full videos or short clips, which make reels and social media content.

Aerial view of a large, traditional home with a pond behind it.
Aerial view of the front of a home at twilight with the windows glowing.

All of Dream Home Media’s aerial photography and videography is created by insured and licensed FAA Part 107 UAV pilots.