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The number one reason for using Dream Home Media LLC is because you’re going to receive fast, professional photography services for every home you list, regardless of price point.  We photograph homes of all price points with the same care and high quality of service.  Here are some other points to ponder:

  • You’re supporting an Indianapolis woman-owned business
  • DHM offers a team of photographers to choose from
  • Our photographers are background-checked MIBOR Affiliate members with SentriLock Cards
  • if one photographer is unavailable, another can usually cover
  • competitive pricing for superior imagery
  • professional marketing images for your real estate business
  • we consider ourselves to be part of your team
  • free image delivery 24 hours after end of photo session
  • complementary sky replacement on up to 5 exterior images
  • social media marketing of properties via our social media accounts
  • DHM is a one stop shop offering photography, videography, single property websites, slideshows and more!
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Placing An Order (6)

Encrypted & Secure Payments

We use Stripe for all credit card processing and no credit card information is stored on DreamHomeMedia.com. All transactions are encrypted and secure. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification. Click here for more information on Stripe security.

Check the Security Status

You can always check the location bar of your browser when you’re at DreamHomeMedia.com to see if the site is secure and encrypted.  If it is, a green padlock will appear before the website address.  If you’re ever ordering anything online and the green padlock is NOT present, it means the site is NOT secure.  If you find that happening at DreamHomeMedia.com, please contact us right away.  We want to ensure that all transactions are done with secure payment processes.

Yes, we offer a modern and stylish single property website.  Like the traditional virtual tour, the single property website is a complete container for all of your listing information.

Our mobile-friendly single property sites include the following:

  • hosting for photos
  • automatic slide show of photos
  • music
  • hosting for listing documents
  • hosting for videos
  • embedded 3D tours
  • descriptive text & ammenities
  • interactive maps
  • listing agent information
  • Built-In Analytics
  • contact form
  • Co-Agent Listing options
  • MLS friendly links (Branded & Unbranded links)
  • Flyer Creator

Dream Home Media LLC currently offers three options for photo delivery. You will be asked to select one of these options during the ordering process:

Digital Delivery – FREE

The digital delivery option is our standard, complimentary delivery service.  You’ll be provided a link where you can download images directly to your computer to use as needed to market your listing.  Please Note:  Some third-party websites, such as TourFactory, have restrictions in their Terms Of Use.  Please be sure to check the terms of use of any site you will be loading these photos to.  By using this option, you understand that you may be in violation of the Terms of Use of some third-party websites by uploading professionally shot photos yourself, and you further agree to release Dream Home Media LLC and its photographers from any liability that may occur as a result.

Single Property Websites – $35

The DHM Single Property Website delivery option is perfect for agents who are looking for a beautiful way to display your images and market your listing.  Our property sites are fully customizable, can host your listing’s photos, videos, 3D matterport models, documents and more.  Plus, they are 100% mobile friendly!  Learn more about them here.

Upload to TourFactory – $25

We are approved third-party independent photographers with access to TourFactory accounts via TourFactory’s PhotoPass program. Why is this important?  Per TourFactory’s Terms of Use, there are only two acceptable ways to add professionally shot photos on your account.  1) By using a TourFactory Authorized Photographer or 2) by using an approved PhotoPass photographer (this is us!!).  Have questions?  Be sure to check TourFactory’s Terms of Use for details.  Why is there a fee? Because TourFactory charges our photographers $25 to be able to provide this service to you, so we pass that fee on to you if choose this option.

The first time you select the Upload to TourFactory option during the ordering process on DreamHomeMedia.com, we will send you a request for Tour Access to your TourFactory account.  You will need to approve our access (Tour Access at a minimum) in order for us to load photos to your account. Once photos are ready for upload, we will load your photos to an inactive tour in TourFactory.  If you don’t create this tour ahead of time, we will create it when we log in.  Be sure to check your inactive tours to find your listing and photos.  You will receive an email from DreamHomeMedia.com letting you know when your photos have been uploaded.

Absolutely!  Feel free to give us a call at 317-455-5612.  We’ll be happy to take your order information and credit card over the phone.

Yes, there is a fee to return to a property.  The agent will be assessed a fee of $60 per visit to have any of the photographers return to a property for any reason other than equipment malfunction or photographer illness.  In many cases, the photographer will shoot multiple views of a room, so be sure to ask your photographer if there are other views of the room(s) in question.  In many cases, the need to return to the property can be avoided by planning ahead.

Make Sure The Home is Ready

It is important that the home is ready to photograph when the photographer arrives.  Our job is to photograph the home as it is.  For liability purposes, we do not move items in the home.  We recommend having the home cleaned and professionally staged before we arrive. Please check out our Home Prep Guidelines to help ensure that we’re all on the same page for what “Photo Ready” means.  Feel free to share that link with your sellers.

Reshoot fees are $60 and include up to 8 replacement images.

The fee may be assessed for the following reasons:

  • Rescheduling or cancelling the shoot after 5pm the day prior to the scheduled date/time.
  • Rescheduling due to Inclement weather
  • Making additional trips to a home
  • Replacement images
  • Return due to loose dog in the home (dogs must be removed from the property or crated unless an owner or agent is present).

The Agent’s Call

Ultimately, it is always the agent’s call as to if and when a home is ready to be photographed.  Returning to a home multiple times is a costly hassle for all parties involved.  We believe it can be avoided by ensuring that the home is properly cleaned and staged prior to our arrival.

We are happy to issue you credit for a future order.
Send an email to [email protected] requesting your cancellation.  Please include the following information:

  • Listing Agent Name
  • Property Address
  • Reason for Order Cancellation

We’ll be happy to issue you credit on account for the amount paid.  You’ll receive an email with the credit amount and coupon code.  The coupon code will also show up in your account when you’re ready to checkout.  You are responsible for using this coupon code when placing future orders.

PLEASE NOTE: You may incur a No-Show Fee of $60 for any cancellation within 24 hours of your scheduled photo shoot.

Tax Time (2)

If you have placed an order with DreamHomeMedia.com, any transactions you have are available in your dashboard.  You can login to your account by clicking here.  Once logged in, simply choose “Orders” from the dashboard menu to view a listing of all the orders you have placed.  If you need a end of year statement for tax purposes, please email us at [email protected] to request one.

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No.  Because all transactions are done via credit card, our credit card processor will file a 1099-K for all purchases made for the year.  It goes directly to the IRS.  You can request a spreadsheet of all of your transactions via email at [email protected].

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