Services: Photography

Real Estate Photos

Photography for Indianapolis-area real estate professionals and Realtors® that need beautiful photos for the MLS listings or long-term leases. These are typically interior & exterior wider angle views that show off a space.

Builder Photos

DHM offers photography for local and national mass & custom home builders. These photo shoots include wide angle views needed for real estate. However, we also work with you to get a list of any special home features and details you want to highlight. Includes long-term usage licensing.

AirBnB Photos

Let us help you marekt your AirBnB, vacation home or short term rental with beautiful photos! Short-Term rental photo packages can include wide angle views, detail shots, neighborhood or community amenities and more. Includes long-term usage licensing.

A great room of a luxury home with 2-story ceilings, fireplace and wall of windows looking out on a lake.

Standard Photos Vs. Luxury Photos: What's The Difference?

We’re frequently asked about the difference between standard and luxury photos.  Standard residential real estate photography for MLS is our flagship product. Don’t let the name fool you: you’ll still be receiving professional quality images. For Standard Photos, all images are single exposure capture. Images are bright, airy and lit with a combination of flash and natural light entering the room. Using a flash helps us show the accurate room color versus using ambient light only. It also allows us to move quickly through a home, typically requiring 30 minutes or less for photos, depending upon the size of the home and whether or not it is photo ready when we arrive.  Standard photography may show flash shadows around lamps, ceiling fans, pendant lighting, etc.

Luxury Photos kick it up a notch in terms of not only our photography technique, but also the editing.  Luxury images are a blend of multiple exposures and are sometimes a blend of ambient and flash frames.  Final luxury images are created from a blend of the best bits of all the exposures.  The resulting final image will show both the ambient light levels in adjacent rooms as well as clear views out the windows along with natural shadows and lighting in the home. Luxury images also remove harsh shadows and color correct the white walls and ceilings so that yellow/warm light bulbs won’t skew the colors of the walls.

Which is the right choice?

Is your listing priced at $500k or above? Is the listing on water, a golf course, a wooded lot or have some other beautiful view?  Are you trying to brand yourself as someone who specializes in higher end properties?  If you answered YES to any one of the above, chances are, luxury photos are probably the better choice.  Pair your luxury images with our custom-branded (for you) Total Marketing Kit for all the tools you’ll need to sell this listing.