Aerial Drone Imaging

Aerial Imaging

Dream Home Media LLC is pleased to provide aerial drone photography provided by a certified and insured drone flyer.  With safety always in mind, you can rest assured that your aerial images will be captured by a professional team including a drone flyer and a spotter on every shoot.

Our contracted flyer is:

  • Certified with the FAA (Part 107)
  • Insured (including Aircraft liability, Property Damage, Premises Liability and Bodily Injury)


  • $150 – Up to 15 Still Photos
  • $200 – Up to 3 Twilight/Evening Still Photos
  • $250 – Up to 15 Still Photos + 30 Seconds Daytime Flyer-over Video

What Sets Us Apart?

We are committed to providing you with the best services possible.  Not only do you get the reassurance of knowing that you’re operating within the law, but you get professionalism all the way around:  Competitive Pricing, Great Customer Service, Prompt Order Completion and Professionally Edited Photos.  Every Job.  Every time.