2024 Indianapolis Home Show

Dream Home Media has the great privilege of being the official photographer of the 2024 Indianapolis Home Show‘s Centerpiece Home, a custom build by Davis Homes. We are fortunate to have a great working relationship with Davis Homes, one of Indy’s family owned builders. Davis reached out to us to see about photographing their beautiful floorplan, The Eastland. Davis Homes built the Centerpiece Home of this year’s show. If you haven’t been to the Indianapolis Home Show before, each year, a local builder is selected to build a complete home INSIDE one of the buildings at the Indianapolis State Fairgrounds. It’s really quite something to see!

Objective & Challenges of Photographing & 3D Scanning the Centerpiece Home

Our object was to photograph and complete a 3D Matterport model of the centerpiece home within a very short window of time. The challenges of working around a builder’s tight schedule are nothing new for our team. DHM is used to accommodating builders’ schedules. We work together to find the balance of finishing touches, cleaners, stagers and finally us — the photographers. Because of our experience working with a variety of builders, we understand the need to be flexible. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that photographing a home for the Home Show presents similar challenges. Although we weren’t working against a real estate closing schedule, we still had a limited time in which to complete photography and a 3D scan of the home.

Communication: A Strategy for Success

Beth’s strategy in completing this task required good communication with our Davis Homes contact. This included an early discussion about our needs and expectations once Beth was on site. While others can be in the home for photography, all final design touches must be complete and no one else can be present for a 3D scan. The 3D scan makes a digital map of the home. In order for the 3D scan to work properly, once the scan starts, items in the home cannot be adjusted. Where they are is where they must stay. In other words, the home had to be 100% ready to go when Beth arrived.

Mission Accomplished: Beautiful Photos on Demand

Thanks to all the pieces coming together, we’re pleased to share the following images and 3D model. If you can’t make it to the Indianapolis Home Show in person, we hope that you’re able to enjoy the virtual model made from the 3D Scan as well as the photos of the property. Don’t forget to visit the Davis Homes website and social media. There you’ll be able to find information on The Eastland model, as well as other available floorplans.

2024 Centerpiece Home by Davis Homes